Dive into an immersive VR educational game to learn about dinosaurs!

About Us

DinoSnap is an educational VR game that is meant to teach players about dinosaurs and different dinosaur eras through a unique and interactive atmosphere. Our goal is to have the player learn more about the history of dinosaurs whilst having a fun and immersive experience.


The player will be able to travel through multiple time periods where they will interact with and learn about different dinosaurs. In these time periods, the player will have a camera where they can take pictures in order to learn interesting dinosaur facts. Along with this, DinoSnap provides multiple ways of interacting with these dinosaurs like feeding the dinosaurs and riding on them!


Dino Riding

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DinoSnap will be sold for $5 at its initial launch, and will be sold on Steam. Afterwards, we hope to release DLC of other periods where more levels and dinosaurs will be added. These DLCs will be sold for around $2. For further development, we hope to partner with educational companies who would be willing to fund the future development of DinoSnap.

Dev Blog 4

Week 4 : 4/15/24 - 4/19/24

Dev Blog 3

Week 3 : 4/8/24 - 4/15/24

Dev Blog 2

Week 2 : 4/1/24 - 4/8/24

Dev Blog 1

Week 1 : 3/25/24 - 4/1/24


  • Ting Lu

  • Sijia Chen

  • Jingjing Zhu

  • Xixiao Pan


Document of all assets/resources that were used for this project